WebPost 1 Class Survey

  1. My name is Richard and I go by he/him pronouns.
  2. I was born and currently live in Pittsburgh, PA. A photograph of me can be found when looking at my profile picture.
  3. I am currently a sophomore at JCU. I want to teach English at a High school level.
  4. I am into reading, biking, and watching movies. I am not apart of any sports teams or clubs currently, but I used to play soccer in High School. I enjoy painting, and it’s one of my favorite hobbies.
  5. Not much of an essay, but a book by the late Thomas Bernhard comes to directly to mind when I think of some type of quote that has impacted me. Here it is : “We enter a world which precedes us but is not made for us, and we have to cope with this world…but if we survive…we must take care to turn this world, which was a given world but not made for us or ready for us, a world which is all set in any case, because it was made by our predecessors, to attack us and ruin us and finally destroy us, nothing else, we must turn it into a world to suit our own ideas, acting first behind the scenes, inconspicuously, but then with all our might and quite openly, so that we can say after a while that we’re living in our own world, not in some previous world, one that is always bound to be of no concern to us and intent upon ruining and destroying us…” This excerpt is very powerful and important, especially during this time of my life when I feel a lot of confusion and/or pressure to feel or appear a certain way. Thomas Bernhard dedicated his life to turning away from his countries standards and rather, lived the way he saw was fit for himself. This kind of lifestyle is quite encouraging for a young college student.
  6. I would like to get to know my teachers and fellow students in a more friendly and personal way.
  7. I remember taking Dr. LaGuardia’s Major American Writers class, and just realizing that I wanted to be a teacher because of him.
  8. I’m interested in learning more about the economical situation within schools, specifically in impoverished, depressed areas.
  9.   What’s your favorite album and painter?

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